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Legal Information: Oregon

Restraining Orders

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March 26, 2018

Who can get a sexual abuse protective order?

You may be eligible for a sexual abuse protective order if you are the victim of sexual abuse and fear for your physical safety. Additionally, to qualify for a sexual abuse protective order, the following must also apply:

  • you and the abuser cannot be family or household members;
  • the abuser must be at least 18 years old;
  • there cannot currently be an existing restraining order or criminal court order prohibiting the abuser from contacting you; and
  • the sexual abuse must have happened within the previous 180 days (not counting any time that the abuser was in jail, lived more than 100 miles from you, or was prohibited from contacting you as part of a different restraining order).1

1 ORS § 163.763(1), (2)(b), (3)