Legal Information: General

Know the Laws - By State

A brief description of the difference between state laws and federal laws.

A restraining order is a legal order requiring one person to stop harming another.

General information about custody and visitation laws.

Information about child support.

This page addresses some general (not state-specific) laws of one parent taking a child out of the state or country without the other parent's consent.

General information (not state-specific) about the basic steps to get a divorce.

Information about housing laws that offer protections and benefits to victims of domestic violence.

Information on state laws that specifically protect victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking in the workplace.

Information about state laws that provide a privilege of confidentiality for victims of domestic or sexual violence and the non-attorney advocates who help them.

General information (not state-specific) about crimes the abuser may have committed.

There are state laws that may make it illegal for an abuser to buy or have a gun.

You may have a right to sue an abuser for medical costs, destroyed property, or other damages.