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Legal Information: Oregon

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of December 5, 2023

What protections can I get in an extreme risk protection order?

In an extreme risk protection order, the judge can:

1. order that the respondent cannot do any of the following things with “deadly weapons”:

  • have them in his/her custody or control;
  • own them;
  • purchase them;
  • possess them;
  • receive them; or
  • attempt to purchase or receive them;

2. require the respondent to give up any concealed handgun licenses to a law enforcement agency; and

3. order that the respondent immediately surrender all “deadly weapons” within 24 hours of being served with the order. The respondent can give the deadly weapons to:

  • a law enforcement agency;
  • a gun dealer; or
  • a third party who can legally have the weapons.1

“Deadly weapons” include:

  • any items or substances that are meant to cause, and are capable of causing, death or serious physical injury; and
  • firearms, even if unloaded.2

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