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Legal Information: Nevada

Restraining Orders

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January 9, 2024

The person stalking me lives in another state. Can I still file for an order in Nevada?

Possibly. Under Nevada law, harassment and stalking is considered to be committed in the place where the acts occur or in the place where the victim is located at the time s/he is harassed or stalked.1 So, for example, if you live in Nevada and the abuser lives in California, if the abuser sends you a threatening text message or email and you receive it in Nevada, the harassment can be considered to have been committed in Nevada. However, in order for a judge to issue an order against someone, the judge needs to have “personal jurisdiction” over that person. Personal jurisdiction means the judge has the power or authority over that person to make decisions that affect that person. A judge in Nevada has personal jurisdiction over anyone who lives in Nevada but if the abuser doesn’t live in Nevada or doesn’t have “substantial contacts” in Nevada, it’s possible the judge may not have jurisdiction (power) to issue an order against that person. This is complicated and so you may want to talk to a lawyer about your specific situation for advice.

1 N.R.S. § 200.581