Legal Information: Nevada

Nevada Workplace Protections

August 6, 2021

How does this law protect me?

If you qualify for protection under this law, your employer must allow you to take leave from work of up to 160 hours in a 12-month period.1 You can take this time off of work to do any of the following if it is related to an act of domestic violence committed against you or your family or household member:

  • get diagnosed, cared for, or treated for a health condition;
  • get counseling or other assistance;
  • participate in court proceedings; or
  • create a safety plan, including any action to increase your safety or the safety of your family or household member from a future act of domestic violence.2

1 N.R.S. § 608.0198(1)
2 N.R.S. § 608.0198(2)(a)

Which employees are protected under this law?

Under Nevada state law, you may be protected if you have been employed for at least 90 days and:

  • you are a victim of an act that is considered domestic violence; or
  • you have a “family or household member” who is a victim of domestic violence - however, you cannot be the one who abused your family or household member.1

1 N.R.S. § 608.0198(1)

Who is considered a family or household member?

Your family or household member is a person who is:

  • your spouse;
  • your domestic partner;
  • your child under the age of 18;
  • your parent;
  • an adult first-degree relative (for example, a first cousin); or
  • an adult who is living with you at the time of the domestic violence incident.1

1 N.R.S. § 608.0198(8)(b)

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