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Restraining Orders

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January 9, 2024

How much does it cost to get an order for protection against harassment in the workplace?

There is a non-refundable filing fee for an order for protection against harassment in the workplace. The amount of the filing fee may be different in each court, so check with your local courthouse. (To find the contact information for the courthouse, go to NV Courthouse Locations.)

Also, when filing for a temporary order for protection against harassment in the workplace, the employer must give a security (money) to the court, in an amount determined by the court that is large enough to pay for costs and damages that the harasser might suffer, if the harasser is found “innocent.”1 The employer might get this bond money back, however, if after the court hearings, the judge does not issue a protection order or when the protection order expires on its own. The employer would file legal papers called a “Motion for Refund of Remaining Security.”2 Also, at the end of the court hearing, the judge can make the losing party pay the attorney’s fees of the winning party.3

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2 See for example, Clark County’s Motion for Refund of Remaining Security
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