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Legal Information: Nevada

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of January 9, 2024

What protections can I get in an order for protection against stalking and harassment?

A temporary or extended order can:

  • tell the abuser to stay away from your home, school, business, or place of employment and any other location specifically named by the court;
  • prohibit the abuser from contacting, intimidating, threatening, or interfering with you or any other person named in the order, including a member of your family or household; and
  • include other restrictions on the abuser that the court considers necessary to protect you or to protect any other person specifically named by the court, including members of your family or household.1

Note: If an abuser is charged with the crime of harassment, stalking, or aggravated stalking against you, you might get a protection order from the criminal court judge with the restrictions listed above. The judge could issue this order if the abuser (defendant) is released from jail before trial or once s/he is found guilty of the crime.2 If the abuser is brought to trial, the prosecutor should inform you of the outcome of the case. If the court orders any restrictions on the abuser, the court clerk is supposed to provide you and any other people named in the order with a certified copy of the order.3

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