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Legal Information: Nevada

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of January 9, 2024

How do I register my protection order in Nevada?

You can register any order for protection against domestic violence issued by the court of another state, territory or Indian tribe within the United States or a Canadian domestic-violence protection order.  To register your order, you need to take a certified copy of your order to the clerk of the county or district court where you think enforcement may be necessary.  The clerk will then register your order and give you a certified copy of the registered order.1

The court will forward a copy of the order to law enforcement in your area.2  You might want to forward a copy to more than one county’s law enforcement to make enforcing the order easier if you are often in another county (such as where you work or go to school, where your children go to school, etc.).

The protection order will also be registered in the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History,3 which should be accessible by an officer anywhere in Nevada.

If you need help registering your protection order, you can contact a local domestic violence organization in Nevada for assistance.  You can find contact information for organizations in your area here on our NV Advocates and Shelters page.

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