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Legal Information: Nevada

Restraining Orders

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November 3, 2020

How do I get a high-risk protection order?

The steps to get a high-risk protection order are similar to the steps to get an order of protection against domestic violence, but you will fill out different forms. When filing a petition for a high-risk protection order, your application must include:

  • your name and whether you are asking for an ex parte or extended high-risk protection order or both;
  • the respondent’s name and address if it is known; and
  • a detailed description of the behavior and acts that you consider to be high-risk behavior and the dates that those took place.1

The clerk of the court or another person at the court must provide you with free information about the:

  • availability of an ex parte or extended order;
  • procedure for filing for an order;
  • procedure for changing, ending, or renewing an order; and
  • right to go forward with the case without an attorney.2

Someone at the court must also be available to assist you with your application for the order, the affidavit, and any other paperwork needed to file an application for an ex parte or extended order. However, this person cannot provide you with legal advice.3

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