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Restraining Orders

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September 26, 2017

Am I eligible to file for a protection from abuse order?

You can seek legal protection from acts of domestic violence done to you or your minor child by an "intimate partner or household member," which includes:

  • Your spouse or ex-spouse,
  • Someone you currently or formerly live(d) with,
  • Someone whom you are dating or have dated, or
  • Someone with whom you have a child in common.*

A parent or adult living with a minor child (under 18**) can file on behalf of the minor child alleging abuse by an intimate partner or household member.***

If you are being abused by a same-sex partner, you may be able to get a PFA against that person if you have dated or lived together. Judges in KS may rule differently on this, so please talk to someone in a local domestic violence program for help before you file your case. To find help in your state, please click on the Places that Help tab at the top of this page.

If you do not qualify for a PFA, you may be able to get a protection from stalking order. See our Protection from Stalking Orders section.

* Kan. Stat. § 60-3102(b)

** Kan. Stat. § 39-1430(a)

*** Kan. Stat. § 60-3104(b)