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Restraining Orders

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November 15, 2023

How do I change or extend my order?

To change (“modify”) your order, you can go back to the court where you got it and file a modification petition with the clerk. The judge can modify an order at any time based on a motion filed by either party.1

To extend your order, you can file for an extension/renewal before your original order expires. If you request it, a judge may extend the order by granting a renewal for one additional year.2 It is also possible for the judge to extend the order for any period of time from two years to the lifetime of the abuser if you can prove:

  1. the abuser violated a valid protection order, either the current order or a prior order; or
  2. the abuser has been convicted of a “person felony” or any conspiracy, criminal solicitation or attempt of a “person felony” against you or any member of your household.3

For advice about your particular situation, please talk to a lawyer. You can find lawyer referrals on our KS Finding a Lawyer page.

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