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Restraining Orders

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April 8, 2020

How do I change or extend my order?

To modify your order, you can go back to the court where you got it and file a modification petition with the clerk.  The judge can amend an order at any time based on a motion filed by either party.1

To extend your order, you can file for an extension.  You must request this renewal before your original order expires.  If you request it, a judge may extend your order by granting a renewal for 1 additional year.2  An order can be extended for at least 2 years and at most, for the lifetime of the abuser if you can prove:

  1. the abuser violated a valid protection order (either the current order or a prior order); or 
  2. the abuser has been convicted of a “person felony” or any conspiracy, criminal solicitation or attempt of a “person felony” against you or any member of your household.3

For advice about your particular situation, please talk to a lawyer.  You can find lawyer referrals on our KS Finding a Lawyer page.

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