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January 30, 2018

If my self-petition is approved, what can I get?

Depending on each case, once your self-petition is approved, you may be able to apply for some of the following things:

  • Deferred action: This means that Immigration will probably not try to remove (deport) you until you are able to apply for legal permanent residence.1
  • Work authorization: This means permission to work legally in the country – it is often called a “work permit.”2
  • Some public benefits:3 Please consult with an attorney who is familiar with public benefits for immigrants to determine what benefits you might qualify for.
  • Legal permanent residence status: For more information, see If my self-petition is approved, when can I apply for legal permanent residence status (green card)?

1 See 8 CFR § 274a.12(c)(14)
2 INA § 204(a)(1)(K)
3 See generally National Immigrant Justice Center website – VAWA Self-Petition Flow Chart