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Laws current as of May 29, 2024

What is VAWA cancellation of removal?

If you are in removal (deportation) proceedings before an immigration judge, and you are abused by your USC or LPR spouse or parent or you have a child with the USC or LPR who is abused by the USC or LPR, it might be possible to apply for “VAWA cancellation of removal.”1 If an application for cancellation of removal is granted, the removal process can be ended and you can receive legal permanent residence.2 Because to be eligible to apply for VAWA cancellation of removal you have to be in removal proceedings, it is extremely important that you have an immigration attorney with experience in VAWA to advise you and represent you. To determine if you qualify for VAWA cancellation of removal or another form of immigration relief, you should consult with an immigration lawyer with experience in VAWA.

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