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Laws current as of May 29, 2024

How can I prove that I got married in good faith?

USCIS cannot require you to provide a particular type of evidence to prove that you married your spouse in good faith, and there is no magic piece of evidence that will provide definitive proof of your good faith marriage. However, common types of evidence include:

  • a statement from you in which you explain how your relationship developed, why you decided to marry your spouse, and your routines and activities as a married couple;
  • birth certificates of any children that you have together;
  • documents demonstrating shared ownership of pets;
  • photographs of you and your spouse at different times, in different locations, and especially together with different family members and friends or on special occasions like your wedding day, holidays, or birthdays;
  • evidence of your courtship, such as text messages, call records, emails, social media posts, and letters or greeting cards;
  • documents from school, employers, or doctors’ offices listing your abusive spouse as an emergency contact;
  • copies of mail arriving to each of you at the same address, and especially official mail like electric, water, gas, phone, trash, and other utility bills;
  • evidence of shared financial assets or responsibilities, such as joint tax returns, joint property ownership, joint leases, joint bank accounts, joint credit cards, and shared insurance plans; and
  • statements from friends, neighbors, members of your religious congregation, or family who were familiar with your relationship or your reasons for marrying your spouse.