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Legal Information: Missouri

Restraining Orders

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January 1, 2024

If I don't register my protection order, will it be more difficult to have it enforced?

It should not be more difficult to get your protection order enforced, whether or not it is registered. However, registering the order could make it easier for the local law enforcement to find your order and know that it is a valid order. Law enforcement officers are required to enforce an out-of-state protection order in the same way they enforce a Missouri order. While officers can rely on a regular copy of a Missouri order, they may ask for a certified copy of an out-of-state order.1

If you are unsure about whether registering your order is the right decision for you, you may want to contact a local domestic violence organization in your area. An advocate there can help you decide what the safest plan of action is for you in Missouri. To see a list of local domestic violence organizations in Missouri, go to our MO State and Local Programs page.

1 MO ST § 455.083