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Legal Information: Missouri

Missouri Custody

Laws current as of
November 14, 2019


WomensLaw.org does not have information about custody laws in Missouri with the exception of the brief information below about seeking custody or visitation of a child conceived from rape. For additional Missouri-specific custody information, we have included links to other websites that we hope you will find helpful. (WomensLaw.org has no relationship with these organizations and does not endorse their services. We provide these links for your information only.) In addition, below, we have included

Links to outside websites - general information about custody and visitation in Missouri

My child was conceived from rape. What happens if the offender tries to establish paternity or file for visitation?

If you report the rape to the police and criminal charges are being brought against him, the judge is supposed to automatically put a temporary stop (“stay”) to any paternity proceeding involving the child and the alleged father. This “stay” shall not be lifted until there is a final outcome of the criminal charges. If you deny visitation to the rapist/father while the criminal case is pending, this cannot be used against you in a future custody case when the judge considers which parent is more likely to allow the child frequent, continuing and meaningful contact with the other parent.1

1 MO ST § 452.374

The rest of the questions (to the left) provide information about custody that is not specific to any state, including a section about how to try to transfer your custody case to a new state where you are living so that you can modify the custody order from your new state.