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Legal Information: Missouri

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of January 1, 2024

How do I register my protection order in Missouri?

Registering your out-of-state order in Missouri is not necessary to get it enforced.1 (An out-of-state order is also called a “foreign” order.) If you decide that you do want to register it with a court in Missouri, you can file a certified copy of your out-of-state protection order and a sworn statement (affidavit) saying the protection order is a true and accurate copy and has not been changed by the circuit court that granted the order. If the order ends before the expiration date, you are supposed to notify the court.2 It does not cost anything to file the order in Missouri.3 Please see our MO Courthouse Locations page to find contact information for courthouses in Missouri.

Note: It might be a good idea to bring photo identification with you when you go to register your order at the courthouse. If you need help registering your protection order, you can contact a local domestic violence organization in Missouri for assistance. You can find contact information for organizations in your area here on our MO Advocates and Shelters page.

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