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Legal Information: Pennsylvania

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of December 15, 2023

Step 3: A judge will review your petition and may grant you an ex parte temporary PFA.

Your petition will be given to the judge. If the judge believes that you or your children are in immediate danger, s/he may sign a temporary order. This order will stay in effect until the full hearing is heard (within ten business days) at which time you can be granted a final PFA.1 Copies of the temporary order and the petition you filed will be given to you. You will need to give a copy of the petition and the order to the sheriff so that it can be served on the abuser. You will also have to complete the sheriff’s service form. The service form gives the sheriff the information necessary to notify the defendant of the court hearing.

In some counties, someone other than the sheriff may serve the defendant.2 The prothonotary will be able to tell you this.

Remember to keep a copy of the temporary order with you at all times.

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