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Legal Information: Pennsylvania

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of December 15, 2023

What can I do if the abuser violates the order?

If the abuser violates any part of the order, you can call the police and report the violation. A police officer can arrest the abuser, even if the officer does not witness the abuse. After an arrest, the officer must take all firearms, other weapons or ammunition that were used or threatened to be used during the violation of the order or during prior incidents of the abuse.1

An abuser who violates a PFA can face criminal contempt charges for the violation in addition to charges for any crime(s) s/he commits during the violation. After a hearing, s/he can be found in contempt and placed in jail for up to six months and/or be fined between $300 and $1,000.2

For more information about contempt, including the difference between criminal contempt and civil contempt, go to our general Domestic Violence Restraining Orders page.

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