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Legal Information: Michigan

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of March 27, 2024

Do I need anything special to get my PPO enforced in another state?

In some states, you will need a certified copy of your PPO. A certified copy says that it is a “true and correct” copy; it is signed and initialed by the clerk of court that gave you the order, and usually has some kind of court stamp on it. In Michigan, a certified order has a court seal on it and either the judge’s original signature or a stamp of the judge’s signature along with a “true copy” stamp.

The copies you originally received should have been certified copies.1 If your copy is not a certified copy, you can go to the court that gave you the order and ask the clerk’s office for a certified copy. There is usually no fee or a minimal fee for certified copies of orders.

1 MCL § 600.2950(15)(b)