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Legal Information: Michigan

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of March 27, 2024

Can a PPO be changed, terminated or extended?

You can file an ex parte motion to extend your order by requesting a new expiration date. The motion to extend must be filed with the court that issued the PPO at least three days before the order is set to expire and the court must act on the motion within three days after it is filed. However, even if you don’t file the motion to extend on time, you may still be able to start a new PPO proceeding against the abuser.1

You can file a motion to modify or terminate the personal protection order any time after the personal protection order is issued.2 A hearing would be held where both parties can be present and the judge would decide whether or not to grant your request.

There are no fees to file a motion to modify, terminate, or extend a personal protection order.3

Note: The respondent has the right to file a motion to modify or terminate an ex parte personal protection order or an ex parte order extending a personal protection order within 14 days after being served with, or receiving actual notice of, the order. If the respondent files any other motion to modify or terminate a personal protection at any other time, s/he must first show that there is “good cause” to do so.4

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