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Legal Information: Michigan

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of March 27, 2024

Step 3: The "ex parte" hearing

When your case number is called, you will appear before the judge for an ex parte hearing where the judge will read your petition and ask you why you want a PPO. The abuser will not be present for the ex parte hearing.  At the end of this hearing, the judge can grant you an ex parte domestic relationship PPO that will be valid for at least 182 days, approximately six months.1 

If the judge grants an ex parte PPO, the court clerk will give you a copy of the order.  Review the order before you leave the courthouse to make sure that the information is correct.  If something is wrong or missing, ask the clerk how you can correct the order before you leave.

An ex parte domestic relationship PPO is enforceable anywhere in Michigan as soon as it is signed by a judge, even before it is served on the abuser.2  However, it may not be enforceable outside of Michigan until the abuser has been served with papers that tell him/her about the PPO. If you plan on leaving Michigan before the abuser has been served, please speak with an advocate at a domestic violence organization in your area to figure out a safety plan.  Go to our MI Advocates and Shelters for organizations near you.

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