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Restraining Orders

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Leyes actualizadas al 11 de enero de 2024

Step 2: Fill out the petition.

Carefully fill out the petition. On the petition you will be the petitioner and the harasser will be the respondent. Write about the most recent incidents of harassment, using descriptive language, such as “slapping,” “hitting,” “grabbing,” “choking,” “threatening,” etc., that fits your situation. If you recall the specific language used in threats to you, you may want to include that language in the petition.  Include details and dates, if possible. Be specific.

Be sure to write a safe mailing address and phone number. You can ask that your address be kept confidential.  You may also ask that the school(s) you or your children attend be kept confidential if that would put you or your children in danger. If you are staying at a shelter, give a Post Office Box, not a street address.

If you need assistance filling out the forms, you may be able to ask the clerk for help.  You will find links to the forms you will need at our Hawaii Download Court Forms page or from the courthouse in your area.  To find your courthouse, go to the Hawaii Courthouse Locations page.