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Restraining Orders

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How do I get a gun violence protective order?

The steps to get a gun violence protective order are similar to the steps to get an order for protection due to domestic abuse, but you will fill out different forms.

When filing for a gun violence protective order, your petition must include:

  • an affidavit or sworn statement that includes the details that cause you to believe that the respondent poses a danger of causing bodily injury to him/herself or another person by owning, buying, having, or receiving firearms or ammunition or having firearms or ammunition in the respondent’s custody or control;
  • the number, types, and locations of any firearms or ammunition that you believe the respondent has or controls;
  • information about any existing restraining order or protective order that has been issued against the respondent that you know of; and
  • whether there is any pending lawsuit, complaint, petition, or other action in the state involving the person filing for the order and the respondent.1

1 HI ST § 134–63(b)