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Legal Information: North Carolina

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of December 22, 2023

What if I don't qualify for a DVPO or if my order is not granted?

If you do not qualify for a DVPO or if your order is not granted, you can still seek protection from the law and assistance from domestic violence organizations.  If you do not qualify for a DVPO because you do not have a “personal relationship” with a person who has stalked or sexually harrased you, you may be eligible file for a civil no-contact order.1

Also, the abuser may be committing a crime for which s/he may be arrested.  For definitions of common crimes in North Carolina, go to our Crimes page.

You may also want to visit our Staying Safe page for ways to increase your safety.

Domestic violence protective orders do not cover many types of emotional or mental abuse. If you’re being mentally or emotionally abused, please contact a domestic violence organization in your area. They can help you figure out your options, help you stay safe, and offer you support.  See our NC Advocates and Shelters page for referrals.