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November 27, 2017

How is a 50D civil no-contact different than a 50C civil no-contact order or a 50B domestic violence protective order?

All three orders, 50D, 50C and 50B, can protect victims of sexual assault.  However, 50D no-contact orders are permanent, whereas 50C and 50B orders must be renewed in person each time the order expires.*  Additionally, another important difference is that victims of sexual assault are only eligible for a 50D civil no-contact order if the offender was convicted and the offense requires registration on the sex-offender registry.**  You can read more about 50C orders on our Civil No-Contact Order ("50C orders") page and 50B orders on our Domestic Violence Protective Orders ("50B orders") page.

* NCGS §§ 50D-1(1);50C-8(c);50B-3(b)
** NCGS § 50D-5