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February 14, 2022

What crimes could qualify me for a 50D civil no-contact order?

Most of the crimes that require registration are sexually violent crimes, including forcible rape of an adult or child, statutory rape, sexual battery, and sexual exploitation of a minor.  Other crimes are sexual in nature, but not necessarily violent, such as felony peeping.  Certain non-sexual offenses against a minor also require registration, including kidnapping, felonious restraint and abducting a child (if the offender is not the minor’s parent).1  You can read more about which crimes require registration by reading the language of the law NCGS § 14-208.6 on our NC Statutes page or by looking at the chart created by the University of North Carolina School of Government

Note: You may also be eligible for a 50D order if the abuser was convicted in another state or in federal court of an offense that is significantly similar to the registerable offenses in North Carolina or if the offense requires registration in the state where the abuser was convicted.2

1 NCGS § 14-208.6(4)(a),(5)
2 NCGS § 14-208.6(4)(b),(c)

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