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Legal Information: Puerto Rico

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of
November 25, 2023

Who can apply for this order of protection?

Any of the following people can file for this order of protection on behalf of a minor against an someone who is abusing/neglecting a child or when the child is in immediate risk of being abused:

  • the child’s parent;
  • the school principal;
  • a teacher;
  • a school social worker;
  • a police officer;
  • an advocate of Children’s Affairs or an advocate of Family Matters (Procurador/a de Asuntos de Menores o Procurador/a de Asuntos de Familia);
  • any prosecutor or officer authorized by the Department of Family Services; and/or
  • any family member or person who is responsible for the minor child.1

1 8 L.P.R.A. § 1181