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Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of November 25, 2023

I was granted temporary custody with my protection order. Will another state enforce this custody order?

Yes. Federal law, which applies to all states, considers custody, visitation, and child support provisions that are included in a protective order to be enforceable across state lines under the theory of “full faith and credit.” Law enforcement and courts in another state are generally required by federal law to enforce these provisions.1

1 See 18 USC § 2266(5)(b)

I was granted temporary custody with my protection order. Can I take my kids out of the state?

Maybe. It might depend on the terms of the custody provision in your protective order, whether or not the abuser was granted visitation/custody rights, etc. You may have to first seek the permission of the court before leaving. For legal advice on your particular situation, go to our PR Finding a Lawyer page. To read more about custody laws in Maryland, go to our PR Custody page.

If you are unsure about whether or not you can take your kids out of the state, it is important to talk to a lawyer who understands domestic violence and custody laws, and can help you make the safest decision for you and your children. You can find the contact information of domestic violence organizations and legal assistance in our Puerto Rico in the PR Places that Help page.