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9 de noviembre de 2020

Sec. 823. Rules of court for preliminary procedure

(a) Rules of court may authorize the probation service

(i) to confer with any person seeking to file a petition, the potential petitioner and other interested persons concerning the advisability of filing a petition under this article, and
(ii) to attempt through conciliation and agreement informally to adjust suitable cases before a petition is filed over which the court apparently would have jurisdiction.

(b) The probation service may not prevent any person who wishes to file a petition under this article from having access to the court for that purpose.

(c) Efforts at adjustment pursuant to rules of court under this section may not extend for a period of more than two months without leave of a judge of the court, who may extend the period for an additional sixty days. Two successive extensions may be granted under this section.

(d) The probation service may not be authorized under this section to compel any person to appear at any conference, produce any papers, or visit any place.

(e) If agreement to cease offensive conduct is reached, it must be reduced to writing and submitted to the family court for approval. If the court approves it, the court without further hearing may thereupon enter an order of protection in accordance with the agreement, which shall be binding upon the respondent and shall in all respects be a valid order. The court record shall show that such order was made upon agreement.