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Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Distrito de Columbia

Estatutos Seleccionados: District of Columbia

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5 de abril de 2024

§ 16-1034. Training program.

(a) The Police force shall incorporate in its educational program for new law enforcement officers training in:
(1) The nature, dimension, and causes of intrafamily offenses;
(2) The legal rights and remedies available to a victim or perpetrator of an
intrafamily offense;
(3) The services and facilities available to a victim or perpetrator of an
intrafamily offense;
(4) The legal duties imposed on a police officer to enforce the provisions of
this subchapter and to offer protection and assistance to a victim of an
intrafamily offense; and
(5) Techniques for handling an intrafamily offense that minimize the
likelihood of injury to the officer and promote the safety of the victim.
(b) The training shall stress the importance of enforcing the law against
intrafamily offenses. The Police force may:
(1) Utilize the resources of any law enforcement agency or community
organization; and
(2) Invite any community organization that provides counselling or assistance
to victims of intrafamily offenses to help in planning and presenting the
training program.
(c) At least 20 hours of basic training in responding to an intrafamily
offense shall be required of any new law enforcement officer prior to the law
enforcement officer’s permanent appointment.
(d) Any currently employed law enforcement officer shall be required to
participate in an 8-hour course designed to familiarize the law enforcement
officer with the dynamics of intrafamily offenses.