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5 de abril de 2024

§ 46-205. Contents of support order.

All support orders, whether they are original orders or modifications of existing orders, shall contain the following:

(1) A provision requiring the withholding of support payments from the obligor’s earnings or other income in accordance with this subchapter;

(2) Notice that the support order shall be enforceable by withholding as specified in §§ 46-207 and 46-207.01;

(3) Notice that payments required by a support order specified in § 46-202.01(b) shall be made through the Collection and Disbursement Unit and any other payments shall be considered a gift and shall not offset the duty of support;

(4) A provision that directs the parties to file and update the information specified in § 46-226.02 with the IV-D agency and the Court in accordance with that section;

(5) Terms providing for the payment of the child’s medical expenses, whether or not health insurance is available to pay for those expenses, which shall include a provision directing the obligor and obligee to notify the IV-D agency and the Court of the following:

(A) Any change in either the obligor’s or the obligee’s access to health insurance coverage for the child or the reasonableness of the costs of coverage; and

(B) All health insurance policy information necessary to enroll the child in the health insurance to which the obligor or obligee has access;

(6) Notice that if the obligor is required under the support order to provide health insurance coverage for a child, the obligor’s employer will, upon receipt of notice of the health insurance coverage provision, enroll the child in health insurance coverage and deduct the premiums from the obligor’s earnings in accordance with §§ 1-307.41, 1-307.42, and subchapter II of this chapter;

(7) Notice that the amount and name of the obligor and obligee of all support orders entered, modified, registered, or enforced in the District after December 23, 1997 shall be reported to a consumer credit reporting agency if the obligor owes overdue support in the amount of $1,000 or more;

(8) The name, address, and telephone number of the obligor’s current employer; and

(9) Notice that an order to withhold may be changed upon a motion by a party or the IV-D agency for a reapportionment of periodic arrears payments pursuant to § 46-208(c).