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Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Arkansas

Estatutos Seleccionados: Arkansas

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12 de febrero de 2020

9-13-104. Public schools; transfer of children between parents

(a) In order to avoid continuing child custody controversies from involving public school personnel and to avoid disruptions to the educational atmosphere in our public schools, the transfer of a child between the child’s custodial parent and noncustodial parent, when both parents are present, is prohibited from taking place on the real property of a public elementary or secondary school on normal school days during normal hours of school operations.

(b) The provisions of this section shall not prohibit one (1) parent, custodial or noncustodial, from transporting the child to school and the other parent, custodial or noncustodial, from picking up the child from school at prearranged times on prearranged days if prior approval has been made with the school’s principal.