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Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Arkansas

Estatutos Seleccionados: Arkansas

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12 de febrero de 2020

9-15-206. Temporary order.

(a) When a petition under this chapter alleges an immediate and present danger of domestic abuse or that the respondent is scheduled to be released from incarceration within thirty (30) days and upon the respondent’s release there will be an immediate and present danger of domestic abuse, the court shall grant a temporary order of protection pending a full hearing if the court finds sufficient evidence to support the petition.

(b) An ex parte temporary order of protection may:

(1) Include any of the orders provided in §§ 9-15-203 and 9-15-205; and

(2) Provide the following relief:

(A) Exclude the abusing party from the dwelling that the parties share or from the residence of the petitioner or victim;

(B) Exclude the abusing party from the place of business or employment, school, or other location of the petitioner or victim;

(C) Award temporary custody or establish temporary visitation rights with regard to minor children of the parties;

(D) Order temporary support for minor children or a spouse, with such support to be enforced in the manner prescribed by law for other child support and alimony awards;

(E) Prohibit the abusing party directly or through an agent from contacting the petitioner or victim except under specific conditions named in the order; and

(F)(i) Order such other relief as the court considers necessary or appropriate for the protection of a family or household member.

(ii) The relief may include without limitation enjoining and restraining the abusing party from doing, attempting to do, or threatening to do an act injuring, mistreating, molesting, or harassing the petitioner.

(c) An ex parte temporary order of protection is effective until the date of the hearing described in § 9-15-204.

(d) Incarceration or imprisonment of the abusing party shall not bar the court from issuing an ex parte temporary order of protection.