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: Arkansas

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12 de febrero de 2020

9-12-307. Matters which must be proved

(a) To obtain a divorce, the plaintiff must prove, but need not allege, in addition to a legal cause of divorce:
(1)(A) A residence in the state by either the plaintiff or defendant for sixty (60) days next before the commencement of the action and a residence in the state for three (3) full months before the final judgment granting the decree of divorce.
(B) No decree of divorce, however, shall be granted until at least thirty (30) days have elapsed from the date of the filing of the complaint.
(C) When personal service cannot be had upon the defendant or when the defendant fails to enter his or her appearance in the action, no decree of divorce shall be granted the plaintiff until the plaintiff has maintained an actual residence in the State of Arkansas for a period of not less than three (3) full months;
(2) That the cause of action and cause of divorce occurred or existed in this state or, if out of the state, that it was a legal cause of divorce in this state, the laws of this state to govern exclusively and independently of the laws of any other state as to the cause of divorce; and
(3) That the cause of divorce occurred or existed within five (5) years next before the commencement of the suit.
(b) “Residence” as used in subsection (a) of this section is defined to mean actual presence, and upon proof of that the party alleging and offering the proof shall be considered domiciled in the state, and this is declared to be the legislative intent and public policy of the State of Arkansas.