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Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Arkansas

Estatutos Seleccionados: Arkansas

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12 de febrero de 2020

9-15-205. Relief generally - Duration.

(a) At the hearing on the petition filed under this chapter, upon a finding of domestic abuse as defined in § 9-15-103, the court may provide the following relief:

(1) Exclude the abusing party from the dwelling that the parties share or from the residence of the petitioner or victim;

(2) Exclude the abusing party from the place of business or employment, school, or other location of the petitioner or victim;

(3)(A) Award temporary custody or establish temporary visitation rights with regard to minor children of the parties.

(B)(i) If a previous child custody or visitation determination has been made by another court with continuing jurisdiction with regard to the minor children of the parties, a temporary child custody or visitation determination may be made under subdivision (a)(3)(A) of this section.

(ii) The order shall remain in effect until the court with original jurisdiction enters a subsequent order regarding the children;

(4) Order temporary support for minor children or a spouse, with such support to be enforced in the manner prescribed by law for other child support and alimony awards;

(5) Allow the prevailing party a reasonable attorney’s fee as part of the costs;

(6) Prohibit the abusing party directly or through an agent from contacting the petitioner or victim except under specific conditions named in the order;

(7) Direct the care, custody, or control of any pet owned, possessed, leased, kept, or held by either party residing in the household; and

(8)(A) Order other relief as the court deems necessary or appropriate for the protection of a family or household member.

(B) The relief may include, but not be limited to, enjoining and restraining the abusing party from doing, attempting to do, or threatening to do any act injuring, mistreating, molesting, or harassing the petitioner.

(b) Any relief granted by the court for protection under the provisions of this chapter shall be for a fixed period of time not less than ninety (90) days nor more than ten (10) years in duration, in the discretion of the court, and may be renewed at a subsequent hearing upon proof and a finding by the court that the threat of domestic abuse still exists.