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Estatutos Estatales Seleccionados: Alabama

Estatutos Seleccionados: Alabama

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1 de septiembre de 2023

Section 30-5-3. Jurisdiction; how order may be obtained; venue; when final order not issued; residency.

(a) The courts, as provided in this chapter, shall have jurisdiction to issue protection orders.

(b) A protection order may be requested in any pending civil or domestic relations action, as an independent civil action, or in conjunction with the preliminary, final, or post-judgment relief in a civil action.

(c) A petition for a protection order may be filed in any of the following locations:

(1) Where the plaintiff or defendant resides.

(2) Where the plaintiff is temporarily located if he or she has left his or her residence to avoid further abuse.

(3) Where the abuse occurred.

(4) Where a civil matter is pending before the court in which the plaintiff and the defendant are opposing parties.

(d) When custody, visitation, or support, or a combination of them, of a child or children has been established in a previous court order in this state, or an action containing any of the issues above is pending in a court in this state in which the plaintiff and the defendant are opposing parties, a copy of any temporary ex parte protection order issued pursuant to this chapter and the case giving rise thereto should be transferred to the court of original venue of custody, visitation, or support for further disposition as soon as practical taking into account the safety of the plaintiff and any children.

(e) A minimum period of residency of a plaintiff is not required to petition the court for an order of protection.