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Legal Information: Louisiana

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of November 21, 2023

Who can get a protective order?

In Louisiana, anyone who has one of the following relationships to the abuser can be eligible for a protective order:

  • a family member, which includes:
    • a spouse or former spouse;
    • a child, step-child, foster child;
    • grandchildren, great-grandchildren (“descendants”);
    • a parent, step-parent, foster parent;
    • grandparents, great-grandparents (“ascendants”);
    • the other parent of the abuser’s child; and
    • the other foster parent of the abuser’s foster child;
  • a household member, which includes:
    • someone who live(d) with the abuser in the same home and is/was in a sexual or intimate relationship with the abuser;1 and
    • any child who live(d) in the same home as the abuser; and
  • a dating partner, which is defined as someone who is/was involved in a sexual or intimate relationship with the abuser, regardless of whether they ever lived together.2

1 LA R. S. 46: 2132(4)
2 LA R. S. 46: 2151(B)