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Restraining Orders

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July 16, 2017

Step 1: Go to court and request a petition.

Go to the courthouse for your county. In most counties you will file in the Magistrate Division, but in a few, you will file in District Court. You can find a court near you by going to our Courthouse Locations page.

Find the civil court clerk and request a petition (application) for a protection order. Also tell the clerk that you want a temporary order. You can file for them at the same time.

The clerk can give you the petition and any other forms you will need to fill out. You can also find links to online forms by going to ID Download Court Forms.

Remember to bring some form of identification, like your driver's license or other ID that includes your picture. It can also be helpful to bring any identifying information you have about your abuser, such as his picture, addresses where he lives and works, and a description of his car.

Note: Idaho has Court Assistance Offices (CAO), which provide various services to the public to help ensure equal access to the courts. Services include: review of CAO court forms and documents before they are filed; availability of public access computers for interactive forms; help with general form/document questions; assistance with calculating child support and completing a parenting plan; collection of instructional videos, brochures, and pamphlets on topics such as introduction to the court system, family law matters, domestic violence, etc.; legal research assistance on Law Library web site.  To find your local office, click here.