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Restraining Orders

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July 16, 2017

What is the legal definition of domestic violence in Idaho?

This section defines domestic violence for the purposes of getting an order of protection.

In Idaho, domestic violence occurs when a family member (spouse, former spouse, people related by blood, marriage, or adoption), a household member (person who you currently live with, or used to live with, and people that have a child in common), or someone who you date or used to date does any of the following to you:

  • physical injury;
  • sexual abuse;
  • forced imprisonment; or
  • threatening to commit any of the above acts.*

If a protection order has been granted and the abuser (respondent) has notice, a violation of the order can be a misdemeanor and punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine not to exceed $5,000.**

* I.C. § 39-6303(1),(3),(6)
** I.C. § 39-6312