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Restraining Orders

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November 7, 2023

How do I renew, change, or dismiss a protection order against stalking and/or threats?

If you want to extend (renew), change (modify), or dismiss (terminate) your protection order against stalking and/or threats, you have to go back to court and file an Application to Modify, Terminate, or Renew the Protection Order. To renew your order, make sure to apply before your current order expires. The judge will likely schedule a hearing where you will have to show the judge there is a good reason (“good cause”) to extend, change, or dismiss your order. The abuser has the right to be present as well.1

If you and the abuser agree to renew, change, or dismiss the order, you can file a written agreement (stipulation) instead of having a hearing.1

1 I.C. § 18-7907(7)