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Legal Information: Connecticut

Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of
January 3, 2024

What is a risk protection order?

A risk protection order can be issued by a judge to prohibit a person who is age 18 or older from having or buying firearms or other deadly weapons or ammunition. As part of the risk protection order, the judge will issue a warrant for the police to enter into the individual’s home or any other place and take (seize) all firearms, deadly weapons, and ammunition.

The law says that a state’s attorney, an assistant state’s attorney, or a police officer can request the order when they have probable cause to believe that:

  1. a person poses a risk of immediate personal injury to himself, herself, or another person; and
  2. the person has one or more firearms or other deadly weapons.1

If a police order is the applicant, the law requires that a second police officer also signs onto the complaint, supporting the petition.1

For information on how you can ask law enforcement to file for a risk protection order, see What can I do to convince the judge that a risk protection order is needed?

1 C.G.S. § 29-38c(a)