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Legal Information: Connecticut

Connecticut Housing Laws

Laws current as of January 3, 2024

What housing laws can protect me if I need to break my lease?

There is a housing law in Connecticut that allows you, the tenant, to terminate your lease before it expires if:

  1. you or your child are a victim of family violence or sexual assault; and
  2. you believe that it is necessary to leave your rental unit due to fear of immediate harm.1

1 CT ST § 47a-11e(a)

If I end my lease, what will happen with my roommate or family members who live with me?

If you have a roommate or a family member who is listed as a tenant on the lease, s/he will still be bound by the lease even if you are allowed to get out of it.1 However, if s/he is not on the lease, s/he will have to leave the house/apartment when the rental agreement is terminated.2

1 CT ST § 47a-11e(c)(2)
2 CT ST § 47a-11e(d)