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December 7, 2020

Sec. 45.48.680 Right to file police report regarding identity theft

(a) Even if the local law enforcement agency does not have jurisdiction over the theft of an individual’s identity, if an individual who has learned or reasonably suspects the individual has been the victim of identity theft contacts, for the purpose of filing a complaint, a local law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the individual’s actual place of residence, the local law enforcement agency shall make a report of the matter and provide the individual with a copy of the report. The local law enforcement agency may refer the matter to a law enforcement agency in a different jurisdiction.

(b) This section is not intended to interfere with the discretion of a local law enforcement agency to allocate its resources to the investigation of crime. A local law enforcement agency is not required to count a complaint filed under (a) of this section as an open case for purposes that include compiling statistics on its open cases.

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