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August 8, 2023

Sec. 18.66.120. Modification of protective orders

(a) Either the petitioner or the respondent may request modification of a protective order. If a request is made for modification of

(1) an ex parte protective order under AS 18.66.110 (a), the court shall schedule a hearing on three days’ notice or on shorter notice as the court may prescribe; the court shall hear and rule on the request in an expeditious manner; or

(2) a protective order after notice and hearing under AS 18.66.100(b), the court shall schedule a hearing within 20 days after the date the request is made, except that if the court finds that the request is meritless on its face, the court may deny the request without further hearing.

(b) If a request for a modification is made under this section and the respondent raises an issue not raised by the petitioner, the court may allow the petitioner additional time to respond.

(c) If the court modifies a protective order under this section, it shall issue a modified order and shall

(1) make reasonable efforts to ensure that the order is understood by the petitioner and by the respondent, if present at the hearing; and

(2) have the order delivered to the appropriate local law enforcement agency for expedited service and for entry into the central registry of protective orders under AS 18.65.540 .