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August 8, 2023

Sec. 25.20.061. Visitation in proceedings involving domestic violence

If visitation is awarded to a parent who has committed a crime involving domestic violence, against the other parent or a child of the two parents, within the five years preceding the award of visitation, the court may set conditions for the visitation, including

(1) the transfer of the child for visitation must occur in a protected setting;

(2) visitation shall be supervised by another person or agency and under specified conditions as ordered by the court;

(3) the perpetrator shall attend and complete, to the satisfaction of the court, a program for the rehabilitation of perpetrators of domestic violence that meets the standards set by the Department of Corrections under AS 44.28.020 (b), or other counseling; the perpetrator shall be required to pay the costs of the program or other counseling;

(4) the perpetrator shall abstain from possession or consumption of alcohol or controlled substances during the visitation and for 24 hours before visitation;

(5) the perpetrator shall pay costs of supervised visitation as set by the court;

(6) the prohibition of overnight visitation;

(7) the perpetrator shall post a bond to the court for the return and safety of the child; and

(8) any other condition necessary for the safety of the child, the other parent, or other household member.