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December 7, 2020

Sec. 18.66.210. Exceptions

The privilege provided under AS 18.66.200 does not apply to

(1) reports of suspected child abuse or neglect under AS 47.17;

(2) evidence that the victim is about to commit a crime;

(3) a proceeding that occurs after the victim’s death;

(4) a communication relevant to an issue of breach by the victim or victim counselor of a duty arising out of the victim-victim counselor relationship;

(5) a communication that is determined to be admissible hearsay as an excited utterance under the Alaska Rules of Evidence;

(6) a child-in-need-of-aid proceeding under AS 47.10;

(7) a communication made during the victim-victim counselor relationship if the services of the counselor were sought, obtained, or used to enable anyone to commit or plan a crime or to escape detection or apprehension after the commission of a crime; or

(8) a criminal proceeding concerning criminal charges against a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault where the victim is charged with a crime

(A) under AS 11.41 against a minor; or

(B) in which the physical, mental, or emotional condition of the victim is raised in defense of the victim.

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