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December 7, 2020

Sec. 45.48.220 Request by parent or legal guardian

A parent, legal guardian, or conservator of a minor, incapacitated person, or protected person may make a request under AS 45.48.100 - 45.48.290 on behalf of a consumer who is the minor, incapacitated person, or protected person under the supervision of that parent, legal guardian, or conservator. If a consumer credit report does not exist at the time of a request under this section, the consumer credit reporting agency shall generate a consumer credit report for the purpose of placing a security freeze. In this section,

(1) “conservator” means a person appointed or qualified by a court to manage the property of an individual or a person legally authorized to perform substantially the same functions;

(2) “incapacitated person” has the meaning given in AS 47.24.900;

(3) “minor” means a child under 18 years of age who has not had the disabilities of a minor removed as described in AS 09.55.590;

(4) “protected person” has the meaning given in AS 13.27.490.