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December 7, 2020

Sec. 45.48.290 Definitions

In AS 45.48.100 — 45.48.290,

(1) “account review” means activities related to account maintenance, account monitoring, credit line increases, and account upgrades and enhancements;

(2) “consumer” means an individual who is the subject of a credit report or credit score;

(3) “consumer credit reporting agency” has the meaning given in AS 45.48.990, but does not include a person who issues reports

(A) on incidents of fraud or authorizations for the purpose of approving or processing negotiable instruments, electronic funds transfers, or similar methods of payments; or

(B) regarding account closures because of fraud, substantial overdrafts, automated teller machine abuse, or similar negative information regarding a consumer to inquiring banks or other financial institutions for use only in reviewing consumer requests for deposit accounts at the inquiring banks or financial institutions;

(4) “reseller of consumer information” means a person who assembles and merges information contained in the databases of consumer credit reporting agencies and does not maintain a permanent database of consumer information from which new consumer credit reports are produced;

(5) “security freeze” means a prohibition against a consumer credit reporting agency’s releasing a consumer’s credit report or credit score without the express authorization of the consumer;

(6) “third party” means a person who is not

(A) the consumer who is the subject of the consumer’s credit report or credit score; or

(B) the consumer credit reporting agency that is holding the consumer’s credit report or credit score.

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