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28 de noviembre de 2023

§ 4104. Commencement of a proceeding

1. Venue and jurisdiction. Proceedings under this chapter must be filed, heard and determined in the District Court of the division:

A. In which the plaintiff or defendant resides; or

B. If the plaintiff has left the plaintiff’s residence to avoid abuse, of the plaintiff’s previous residence or new residence.


If a District Court Judge is not available in the division in which a complaint requesting a temporary order is to be filed, the complaint may be presented to another District Court Judge or to any Superior Court Justice. A Superior Court Justice has the same authority as a District Court Judge to grant or deny the temporary order.

2. Filing. A person may seek relief by filing a complaint alleging the abuse or conduct that makes the plaintiff eligible to seek protection pursuant to section 4103. The complaint need only include a short and plain statement showing that the plaintiff is entitled to relief.